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Besides typical use, wearing the small Sevenstar as a necklace and the larger one in a pocket or under a pillow, here you find some tips. You get ideas how to benefit more from your Sevenstars, tips and tricks on how to make some experiments. Please do submit your own ideas for us to read. Maybe busting some myths… I will add new ideas as they turn up.
Enjoy, Jørgen


2011 - The Sevenstar - Vital Regenerator and Vital Pendant reflecting each otherThe Sevenstar fascination
The Sevenstar is hand made, and designed to be as perfect and beautiful as possible. And with the 2015 design it has a new clear and cool look. It is a delicate thing, not easy to replicate on a protograph.


The Sevenstar as a magical mirror
Light sources with a small point like the Sun or a single LED can project nice art decorations and make very focused beams, almost supernatural, be careful not to blind anyone. 
2011 - The Sevenstar as a mirror 2011 - The Sevenstar as a mirror


Vitalizing food and beverages with The Sevenstar
2011 - The Sevenstar - Wine processing testYou may already know the power of pyramids, that’s where good folks swear their pyramids work wonders on wine, water, fruit etc. and keep food fresh for much longer, even mumifies things. Well, about the same thing with The Sevenstar – just more and much easier to handle. Science of course don’t really approve these things happen, but as long as the magic are working here and now, who cares? Go and buy a cheap wine (reccomend a local brand, save CO2 emmision). Place one glass of the wine, without foot, on a Sevenstar, mark it, place an other more than a meter away. Wait some hours. Now blind tasting… Any difference?



Ray connecting heavenly body and Sevenstar
Sound like scifi? Could it be true? On a starlit night with the Moon visible. Take your friends or family out for an amazing experiment, an experience if one or more of your Sevenstar to Moon relationparty are fairly sensible to the energies of The Sevenstar. 1985 - Sevenstar apprentisFor example seeing the Moon, point the Moon jag of the star at, guess what, the Moon, through the hand of a sensitive member of the party. A ray can be detected. Later you may tell that person to find the ray. This experiment can be truely an awsome experience for the whole party. Is it suggestion or real? What is real in this world? What we see with our eyes?



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Den nye Sevenstar Zon imponerer:
"Jeg har fået den her Syvstjerne i dag, og det er simpelthen så vildt... Jeg kunne mærke i min krop at den var der [i postkassen], og så lå den der, og så har jeg lige prøvet at arbejde lidt med den, og holy mother... det er - - wow, den kan noget og den er spot on, altså jeg prøvede flere gange.. [roterede den] og den blev ved med at stoppe på det samme, lige meget hvad jeg gør, den er spot on med hvad jeg har brug for. Ha ha ha, det så vildt. Den er jeg godt nok glad for."

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