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The section is intended for users who own a Sevenstar version 2011 or later. Users that do not have the new Sevenstars are welcome, but examples refer to the new ones.

Tips and Tricks
2011 - The Sevenstar - Wine processing test Tips & Tricks
Here you find ideas and ispiration on how to benefit more from your Sevenstar, tips and tricks on how to make fascinating experiments. Please note that results from experiments with The Sevenstar is to be considered as “magic” happenings, do not expect this can be repeated in a labaratory. But by all means make your experiences, and please share results with the us.

  • The Sevenstar as artwork and fascination
  • The Sevenstar as a magical therapy mirror
  • Vitalizing food and beverages with The Sevenstar
  • Ray connecting heavenly body and Sevenstar

Sevenstar treatment
The Star will answer
The new and most reccomended method. Directions how to treat yourself, family and friends in a new and effective way. Body-wisdom is guiding you, a no-brainer. Developed by the designer Jørgen A. Jacobsen, diploma alternative practitioner with BodyTalk, Access Bars and Sevenstar Therapy.Syvstjernen 30th 08

  • Place The Sevenstar on an even table (2011 model back side up).
  • Spin at good speed, some practice may be needed.
  • Ask your question clearly, e.g. what energy do I need to treat my stiff finger?
  • Hold your index finger above the area where the signs for the heavenly bodies are placed.
  • Count down as with a rocket launch, 3,2,1 and let finger drop at 0.
  • The Sevenstar, or rather the wisdom of the body, will answer by landing on a heavenly body. If landing in between, then the whole surface of the Star is to be used.
  • Point the jag/surface at the area of the ailment for at couple of minutes and slowly draw away again.

Ask the person/you what the person/you feel and try to feel any sensations like cold, warmth and magnetic resistance.

You may repeat the treatment.

Wisdom/intuition is a genious thing. The brain is not able to figure out what the bodu wants.

Sevenstar Cleanup Energy Flow
An effective traditional method for breaking blockages and cleaning body energy flow. Suited to treat others.

  • Start at the right hand with Saturn (later Mars).
  • Draw slowly through the body aura as shown on the drawing
  • Eliminate blockages throughout the body circuity.
  • You end up in the left hand, drawving slowly away from that side of the body.

Ask the person as the treatment progres, what they feel, and try to sense anything like warmth, cold or magnetic resisstance.

Repeat the treatment with Mars.

Repeat the procedure for the lower extremes, if you feel there is time, and if ailments there.

Methodical Sevenstar Treatment
The traditional method, but still an easy procedure, directions with traditional treatment table. For those who will try out a more methodical treatment.

  • The chart will inform about what energy, by experience, to use for a given ailment.
  • Hold the chosen jag/surface close to the place for a couple of minutes.
  • Derefter trækkes langsomt væk fra stedet.

Ask the person as the treatment progres, what they feel, and try to sense anything like warmth, cold or magnetic resisstance.

You may repeat the treatment.


365 Experiences 18 months
Get ideas and inspiration. Experiences obtained as letters, notes or transcriptions from Sevenstar users. We are working on inserting reviews from the book The Sevenstar.
See and share experiences
Not least, you can comment and share your own experiences with other users.



Images of friends and happenings with description from the history of The Sevenstar.


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