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On this page are listed a few testimonials with the new Sevenstar. Feel free to share your experiences and opinion on The sevenstar here, will be searcable on the Internet.

Since I designed The Sevenstar back in 1984, I was also the first to try. I had been using pyramids of my own design for some years. When I started using The Sevenstar, I noticed that I slept better when lying on a Sevenstar, and how quickly I could treat eg. a minor bruise, sensing Sun and Jupiter energy working to heal. Several times I fixed my knee with Saturn. Countless times I healed my throat with Mercury, stopping my coughing, making me able to sleep. In the old days I was quite shy with The Sevenstar, guess I was not ready to accept that I was strange. By 2011 went through some clearings by healing and meditation. I became self employed, opened  shop 7d  and a health clinic, redesigned The Sevenstar, and then I was ready and able to be one of the strange people ;–) 2011 - The Sevenstar - Joergen with Sevenstar pendant
Actually I am not a believer, not even with The Sevenstar. I like to see proof of things and myths busted. I will not forget that day I was jogging as usual in the woods, I felt so dammed heavy. Then I noticed that for once actually, I was wearing no star, forgot to put the necklace on. One of many indications that The Sevenstar may not just be considered placebo. Since the start I have not had a single day sick in bed. Well maybe one won’t get any younger and pretier, but I actually experience my health growing each day, vitality measured as if I were 20 years of age. Not saying that my terriffic health, energy and constant well beeing, is all thanks to The Sevenstar, but I could imagine one would have more of an ordinary life with avarage health without it. The new stars are beautiful, very reflective and more perfect. They have more purposes and all points to that they are more powerful than the old ones. The Sevenstar is not any kind of bizz, its a great project, an adventure, and it takes a lot of investment and work to make it availlable out here in the virtual and in the physical world.
March 2018 – Jørgen A. Jacobsen

Here some of the first users of the new Sevenstar share their experiences:

It has relieved me of osteoarthritis pain for 23 years from my lower back, so I can not do without it
April 2017 – Gerda Grønlund

For many years I have had a sevenstar under my mattress, I have enjoyed excellent health, can not prove it is the sevenstar, but am greatful. Every day I wear the new sevenstar as necklace. Last week I had severe pain in a molar. I did not know what point of the star I would need for treatment, so I used them all in turn. Toothache was subdued in the evening, and was gone the next morning. So now I save dentist visit.
September 2011 – E. E. H.

I won’t forget the sight of you when you came to meet us and the evening sun playing in your 7-star, so it shone with a strange radiance. It looked as if you were charged with forces from outer space!!!
Thanks for the 7-stars! I tried one of them on the road in the car next day when I felt pain in some tendons in the chest – and it helped!
September 2011 – D. J.

The star is really brilliant to sharpen concentration with – and furthermore it’s beautiful to behold with the incredible play of colors.
September 2011 – H. S. M.

I am pleased with my Sevenstar, always wear it as a necklace. Many people I meet think it looks great and fascinating. The best experience was a treatment I got from Jørgen, when my legs was in pain, which I had other treatment for and did not experience any improvement. I got 10 minuttes of sevenstar treatment and half of the pain was gone.
October 2011 – P. M.

12 years ago I recieved a 7 star [Sevenstar] as a gift, with instructions on how it should be used.

it amused me a bit, what can such a piece of plastic do.

But I had a problem in all my nails, I had psoriasis half of the nails were loose, so I decided to try the 7 star. I was alone, there was no one who saw it, so I will not make a fool out of myself, I thought.

When I started out I felt a stab in the nail, such as when you hold the tip of a pencil on the nail,
it was strange, so I continued using it, after a while I could see that the nails were better and all psoriasis disappeared, and today I have nice nails and have had it since I used it.

For me it’s still a bizarre incident that is not to explain, but it’s nice to watch some nice nails.
June 2012 – GK S

Please feel free to add your experience and opinion of The Sevenstar below. We will bring it if it is of relevance.

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