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What is The Sevenstar?

 In 1985 I finished developing The Sevenstar and it quickly replaced all the pyramids that I had designed through a some years. Here I would have replied ‘The Best Antenna of The Earth’. 30 years and two redesign later I would add ‘The little Universe’. After translating the book Earthing to Danish and it’s inspiration from research – I think I can add the name ‘The Universal Matrix’. Because The Sevenstar is quite unique. The symbolism of the SevenstarAt first glance, with it’s symbol engravings on a mirror like plate, it may look obscure, but actually the symbolism is comprised of known basic symbols; the arrow, the cross, circle and the point, giving form to the seven nearest heavenly bodies and Earth, connecting Earth to the Universe. Close to this small Universe, the body have more ideal posibilities for restitution. Energies is passed from the heavenly bodies through the points and unite at the center symbol, Earth. The energies can be directed, and The Sevenstar becomes a great healing tool in the hands of the director.

How much do you have to believe?
In fact experiences indicate, that it is not neccesary to establish any faith to make it work or do something that looks like miracles. Those who benefit most are those with a sound scepticisme, and who are willing to give it a try, cause you never know. We live in a time of wondrous discoveries, teleportation and recreating the big bang has become a posibility for science…

Wierd or not, Harry Potter magic or plain placebo?
The Sevenstar has fascinating looks and is easy judged as blinding bogus and placebo, but could there be more than meets the eye? Could we speak of any kind of quantum mechanics? Informational water created by The Sevenstar like Grander water? Any evidence at all? What we know from experience is, that Sevenstar-energy in Denmark in few years got more popular than pyramid-energy. Placebo and positive thinking plays an important role for our health, but the universe has many unsolved riddles. We know that The Sevenstar never fail to baffle people, even animals is seen to react. With right hand sensing the energies about a cm distance around the jagsFor a start simply try and see if you feel something happening around the points. As a parlor game, you may experience almost everyone amazed by unusual sensations. My experience is also, that every child is able to sense the energies right away. So to many it is more like Discovery Science Wierd Connections than Harry Potter or placebo.

How to use it then?
Simply wear it as pendant, and the larger one in a pocket or a purse. Not least, lay it in your bed. Further you can hold it flat to a place of the body that needs healing. More specific, e.g. you can point an energy like Mars to a tense or sour muscle, Saturn against a joint in pain. Under Tips & Ideas for Users you get easy instructions for treatment of yourself, family and friends. Furthermore you get ideas for a multitude of different purposes. Just remember to seek help and advice from the good doctor and important health care people. Though The Sevenstar sometimes seem to do nothing, from 28 years of experience, my advise is, just keep using it 24/7 for max benefit, it takes no efford. Have fun and test it, use it as a step in the development of higher consciousness, and attain super health and vitality. Can designer and users live up to theese things? See Sevenstar reviews!

Jørgen A. Jacobsen, designer of The Sevenstar 1985 – Redesign 2011 and 2015



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