Portrait of a Star

Nina Ashby – London 1995

Nina Ashby is a teacher, healer and clairvoyant of international repute currently living in Great Britain. At Nina’s first encounter with the Sevenstar at a London exhibition in 1995 she was amazed to see it’s lines of force acting so profoundly upon the auric field. Born with the gift for seeing energy and auras, she gives valuable insights into the influence of the various Sevenstars upon the aura.
Action of the Sevenstars
When the Star is placed over the Solar Plexus Chakra in less than a minute it amplifies and consolidates the whole energy field. A stronger cohesive border to the energy field helps to filter external influences as well as hold and circulate energy within the field more efficiently. This is true for all types of Sevenstars; silver, copper as well as the gold when placed over the Solar Plexus. It will also help to strengthen your ability to be more decicive, energetic and have greater clarity of mind in your activities.
Future experiments
It would be very interesting to repeat these experiments and record the results through a progression of pictures to see how the Sevenstar effects human energy over various lenghts of time.
Gold is Solar and Silver is Lunar
The Gold Star is solar. It has a heating/warming and uplifting effect, gently stimulating the circulation of the energy field. It aligns and expands the chakras. Gold is for people who are in an irritated or depressive state who need expansion and inspiration and more activity in their lives. It has a more structured, angular and forceful effect and is also useful in channelling work, helping the individual to tune to high level mental energies. The Silver Star is Lunar. It cools the energy system, enhancing and aligning the energy field. It works more on the emotional level and is good for soothing agitation. It calms hyperactivity and is mildly sedative or calming.
It is useful in increasing sensivity to other’s energy states while helping to
maintain a clearer sense of Self and centradness. The effect of the Silver is soft, smooth and diffusive.

One could generalise and say that the Gold is more masculine or active and the Silver Star is more feminine or receptive in their influence upon the energyfield and one could choose the Star worn for the day based upon the desired effect. The Gold Sevenstar could therefore be useful to men who want to work with their masculine energy or to women who wish to work with their masculine energy ot to women who wish to work on their assertiveness.
The Silver Star could be useful in encouraging more receptive states, whether for relaxation or for meditation. Another interesting observation is that when the Star is placed over the Solar Plexus it enhances

the function of all the other chakras, although with some subtle differences. With the Silver Star, the Sacral and Throat Centres are particularly stimulated while with the Gold Star, the Solar Plexus and Heart Centres are intensified.

The Sevenstar a natural phenomenon
The energy field is multidimensional. The Sevenstar broadcasts rays of energy whose pattern influences the function of the energy bodies both within each body and between bodies. The lines of force channelled by the Sevenstar relate to existing structures within the auric field and it’s influence is therefore not agressively invasive.

Healing for everybody
Sevenstar channels the planetary energies. When the Sevenstar is used specifically in healing for moving energy, stroking the lines of force moves the astral substance of the energy field with specific astral substance (rays) channelled by the Sevenstar! Directing the energy of a specific “star” influences the area worked upon with their particular energeic characteristics. In addition, the Silver Star is generally good at dispersing “hotspots” and breaking down tensions while the Gold Star stimulates and adds energy to “coldspots” as well as encourages redistribution of energy along more structured pathways.
Wearing the Sevenstar over the Heart or Solar Plexus gives the individual the benefits of all the rays and helps that person shine forth, like a star!

Fig. 4: Same person with gold plated Sevenstar 3 years later



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Den nye Sevenstar Zon imponerer:
"Jeg har fået den her Syvstjerne i dag, og det er simpelthen så vildt... Jeg kunne mærke i min krop at den var der [i postkassen], og så lå den der, og så har jeg lige prøvet at arbejde lidt med den, og holy mother... det er - - wow, den kan noget og den er spot on, altså jeg prøvede flere gange.. [roterede den] og den blev ved med at stoppe på det samme, lige meget hvad jeg gør, den er spot on med hvad jeg har brug for. Ha ha ha, det så vildt. Den er jeg godt nok glad for."

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